USA, OTA Annual Policy Conference: Organic food in short supply!

Organic food Retail USAThe rapidly expanding North American organic market faces challenge of tight supplies.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The rapidly expanding organic sector is growing grey hairs over the supply of organic produce which is lacking behind in demand. In Europe this is as well an issue and not quickly resolved.

OTA’s newly established Farmers Advisory Council (FAC) discussed on how to address these increasing concerns over short supplies. “The amount of participation we were able to get in our discussions on the challenge of tight organic supplies was just beyond expectations” said Perry Clutts, co-chair of the FAC and an organic farming himself.

The FAC got together to discuss alternate relationships between crop producers and processors “The goal is to increase the acreage, production, and number of farmers producing organic crops. More farms, more acres, more good” said FAC member Doug Crabtree, organic farmer from Montana. The FAC meeting concluded with producer-focused sessions on crop insurance and the proposed organic research and promotion program, and discussion on how to keep the organic sector thriving in the future. The second day ended with a visit to congressional offices to advocate for policies that support organic food and agriculture, followed by a wrap-up discussion for stakeholders to identify outcomes and possible next steps.

The Farmers Advisory Council was established in 2013 by OTA members to give organic farmers a voice to directly influence OTA’s policy. It alternatively provides OTA with an avenue to share information and advocacy work with this stakeholder group.

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For further information about OTA’s Farmers Advisory Council, contact Nathaniel Lewis.

Source: OTA

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