IFOAM announces the 2013 Annual Report


Read the announcement or click directly on the link: “Our Earth, Our Mission” to see all their annual reports.

Dear Friends of IFOAM,

The title of our 2013 Annual Report,
‘Our Earth, Our Mission’, echoes IFOAM’s continued dedication to working towards a sustainable world by advancing the organic alternative.

ifoam 2013We do so by pushing the boundaries of our understanding of ‘best practice’; through our projects we reach out to engage farming communities in sustainable agricultural practices and achieve an increased uptake of Organic Agriculture; and through awards and conferences we encourage the sharing and replication, on the ground, of innovative and entrepreneurial ideas in and around organic.

The next major organic happenings are just round the corner and come in a package: the Organic World Congress, (October 13th to 15th) and the IFOAM General Assembly (October 16th to 17th) in Istanbul, Turkey. The Organic World Congress is expected to attract, as it has in the past, hundreds of participants, eager to gain insights and exchange on a series of topics impacting the global organic industry.

The General Assembly will be a lively gathering of IFOAM member organizations where decisions of impact on the organic movement, IFOAM’s strategy and activities are made. Join us to feel the strength and passion of the global organic movement!

We hope you enjoy browsing through this report, looking back at our activities from 2013, and we look forward to having you join us in Turkey to participate in shaping the future of an organic world.

Best regards, 

Markus Arbenz
IFOAM Executive Director

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